Xtreme Marketing Recieved 1st Prize

Xtreme Marketing Recieved 1st Prize

TBEC (Press Release) held a competition presented for all Tonga Tertiary Institution indent as for Youth in Business. Each Institution will participate also will represent by a team and of course they have to progress their own startup business. There were totals of 7 Institute here in Tonga take part in the competition. As students of Tupou Tertiary Institution the team was a combination of School of Business and School of IT. We were sograteful to take the opportunity and take our dreams into reality also to represent Tupou Tertiary Institute.

Our business is Xtreme marketing because we want to be the only X factor here in Tonga; also the team consists of 4 fulltime students. It was a very duff competition and also a fun time of experiences of facing the reality of running Xtreme Marketing. We are proudly to say Xtreme Marketing is the first Marketing firm here in Tonga running by fulltime students.It was so miserable for Xtreme Marketing to get the 3rd price of $TOP 1,500 of seeking capital. But that doesn’t mean Xtreme marketing will give up;we work day-to-day and also committed to our work.
Later on we employed 3 more students to the team. We were proudly to say that Xtreme Marketing stole the 1st of the Youth in Business Competition 2013 of $TOP 3,000.


Xtreme Team won first price Team Xtreme with the Minister of Education


Xtreme Marketing offers companies, government institutions, nongovernment organizations (NGO), and individuals reliable, high-quality, and cost-effective marketing services for various purposes.

Our Services
--->  Promotion and Advertising Tools
--->  Market Research
--->  Strategic Analysis

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Talamahu Market LogoThe central market “Talamahu Market” is the main and oldest market in the kingdom. Xtreme Marketing is proud to
announce its creation and implementation of the Talamahu Market’s 1st official logo in July 2013.


Competitive Advantage

  • Team are young & enthusiasts.
  • IT team are superbly knowledgeable and skilful with latest IT products and software.
  • Business students in the team are exceptionally skilful in research, management and marketing practice.
  • Firm has strong marketing partners, such as LionHeart.

It is an enormous plus for us together with the knowledge we have. Xtreme Marketing is active and running in the moment, for more information you can visit us at Tupou Tertiary Institute below the Library ground floor. Xtreme Marketing is more than pleased to cater to your marketing needs.


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Ms Uheina Tafolo

Ms Uheina Tafolo

Marketing Manager

Mob# - +676 77 83517
Email - uheina.tafolo@tti.to

Mr Haniteli Talakai

Mr Haniteli Talakai

Design Executive

Mob# - +676 77 93153
Email - haniteli.talakai@tti.to
Ms Leha

Ms Vea Leha

Marketing Executive

Mob# - +676 77 00691
Email - vea.leha@tti.to
Mr Tonga Moala

Mr Tonga Moala

Design Executive

Mob# - +676 77 08480
Email - tonga.moala@tti.to


23 January 2015