Mr. Taufa Filiai

Mr. Taufa Filiai

What can I say? All I could say is that without TTI, I wouldn’t accomplish what I have right now
After completing high school level, IT was one of my interest that one day I could become someone that look after computer stuff, fixing and configure IT devices.

I choose Tupou Tertiary Institute, for further education & hope to chase the dream that I have in mind for so long since childhood. It was a tough choice to make but somehow I believe in myself that I can do it together with the support of my parents and my Lectures as well.

In TTI, there are several courses for each Diploma in IT Level 5 & 6. Here we learn how to create and manage databases for small & huge organization, designing and create website and applications for businesses including system analysis for any system such as networks, internets & support maintenance belonging to any firm despite the time & cost for consideration

After completing Level 5, I continue on to complete my Level 6. TTI also support my studies by given me an opportunity to work as a part time student at the facility of ICT Support Department as an Assistant IT Technician & Supporting staff. This was a huge plus for me as a student to work together with my Lectures, share experiences and follow instructions of what they show especially in the working environment

After complete my Diploma in IT Level 6, I still continue as a part time staff for the ICT Department. Now I can realize the differences of what I have learned in class in compare to real IT environment. Becoming an IT technician, I am responsible for fixing any problem in computer hardware either in our computer Lab or from one of the staff

It all possible and feasible, thank you Tupou Tertiary Institute for given me the opportunity to explore and discover the pathways of what I have dream in the past


Once again, Malo Aupito TTI.


23 January 2015