Ms.Nicole Afeaki

Ms.Nicole Afeaki

Fakafeta’i ‘etau hao mai; koe ‘Eiki ne faka’uli. ‘Ikai tonu ha fakafeangai: ko e ‘ofa pe ‘a e tamai!

Tertiary education also referred to as third stage, third level and post-secondary education. The choice was mine, out of all the tertiary institutes I somehow choose Tupou Tertiary Institute as my third level schooling environment.

My interest in business and office administration convinced me to enter this school, was a big decision to make but was the best and worth it. Choosing to be a student in business and office administration was very challenging. From this you learn to face the truth of how to deal with people in an office, and within this it motivated me to go for it and explore the facts of dealing with this situation.

Quality of education in TTI impressed me, and I witness my fellow schoolmates also! As a student at business and office administration for 2 years (2011-2012) it has opened the key of success to me and the goal that I aimed for, I am currently employed by the Ministry of Justice since June 2013. In which I believe it is the will of God, working through TTI that has brought me this far and that I am grateful. In somehow we now see the great effect of TTI in workplaces, not only that but in societies, families and not forgetting church. A job well done!

Despite all the hardships, the struggles, the stress with assignments and exams, I believe that every graduated student of Tupou Tertiary Institute is now saying ‘I made it, I’m a world’s greatest’. What can I say? I give the praises back to the Lord, to God be thy glory! And to you TTI, a true Tongan reward is a simple ‘thank you‘. THANK YOU TTI!

Last but not the least, to whosoever is finding it hard to decide where to carry on with your studies, I tell you Tupou Tertiary Institute is the place to be! You are more than welcome, so HAERE MAI 


23 January 2015